Albany Biblical Counseling Services


Albany Biblical Counseling exists to point people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Its goal is to teach and disciple individuals to be biblical in their response to life expectations and relationship opportunities.

Counseling is available for children, singles and couples that may have a wide range of needs. Appointments are limited because of the demand from the community and local churches in need. The Premarital Counseling process is a very thorough program of assessment and works with the communication needs of a couple to be married.


  • Solutions from God’s Word for daily living
  • TRUTH and Confidentiality
  • To be treated with love and respect
  • To discuss your path in light of God’s direction
  • Accountability as you seek reconciliation and healing


  • The God of the Bible is the sovereign Creator and Sustainer of the universe.
  • Man was created in God’s image as a responsible being.
  • Sin, which is thinking or acting independently of God, results in misery, both temporal and eternal.
  • The Bible is the only complete and authoritative textbook which was written specifically to provide both the answers to man’s behavioral problems and the means for man’s behavioral changes.
  • Apart from organically caused factors, all of man’s voluntary thought and behavior is moral, for which man is responsible before God and neighbor.
  • Every functional behavioral problem which man experiences is a result of failure to love God or man or both as the Bible commands.
  • Regeneration by the Holy Spirit is a prerequisite for biblical change and obedience on the part of the counselee.
  • The only behavioral changes in man which are pleasing to God and are ultimately beneficial to man are those which are effected by means of the Holy Spirit applying the Word of God in sanctifying power to the will and mind in accordance with the Word.
  • All methodology must grow out of biblical principles and practices.
  • Counselors (and counselees) should expect and see results from biblical counseling.
  • Biblical counseling requires and includes church discipline where it is biblically necessary. Thus biblical counseling should ultimately be done under the local church.
  • God requires and equips all believers to counsel. Additionally, God holds the officers of His church responsible to counsel as a part of their life calling.